Thanksgiving and Plastics

From the first Thanksgiving to today many things have changed how we celebrate. It has been almost 400 years and Thanksgiving is still a time to give thanks and enjoy in the company of our loved ones. However, plastics have greatly impacted our Thanksgiving day meal.

  • First we no longer go out and hunt our turkeys. We buy them at the grocery store wrapped in plastic. (If we do hunt our own turkey, we shoot them with a shotgun whose stock is most likely molded and whose shells are made of plastic)
  • When cooking many things in mom’s kitchen are made of plastic. From cutting boards to serving spoons to measuring cups and many utensils in between.
  • Plastic plates and plastic silverware are often used during the feast. Tables covered with plastic tablecloths. Everyone is looking for easy cleanup when the whole family is in town. No one wants to wash 30 dishes!
  • Leftovers. Perhaps the colleges students favorite thing is when mom gets out the tupperware and sends enough food back to school for a week!

Looking at the many plastic innovations that have helped to shape our Thanksgivings into what they are today we see how important mold making is. Without molds we wouldn’t have the cutting boards or utensils or plastic containers.  The conveniences plastics have contributed have made Thanksgiving much different than it was in the beginning. However, the core values of Thanksgiving still remain, give thanks and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving from IMM!!






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