The Future of Manufacturing

I remember when I first saw an Apple iPad. “That’s no better than four iphones taped together.” I initially resisted and unfortunately missed the great potential these devices were bringing to all sectors of life. I had no idea how dramatically tablets would change the computing environment. A young man, I was soon enraptured by tablets and their captivating novelties, but that was all they were to me: a web browser, some flash games, and Netflix was all I was able to see. Since that day I have begun working with the team at Industrial Mold & Machine in an effort to leverage tablets as a tool for manufacturing organizations. Started years before I came on board, the result has been information sharing system unlike any I have ever seen. They have truly seen the potential these devices wield and have concocted a manufacturing environment where 3D models, images, and paperless memo sharing convey 100x the information more cleanly, more concisely, and more effectively than any paper system ever could. The adaptation to this system was not easy, hardset ways of past techniques did not change overnight. Still, nearly two years later, the current system is so far evolved off of our initial, rudimentary digital methods that to compare them is as radical a comparison as the idea to switch to tablets at all. The future appears bright here at Industrial Mold & Machine and as our reach with these devices continues to forge new frontiers of possibility, we eagerly await the future and new heights of productivity.


by Andrew Bowden

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